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Three Ways Evolve Works with Agencies


One of the first questions we’re inevitably asked when we first meet with a potential agency client is “Exactly how does this white label thing work?” So, we thought it might be a good way to outline them here for your reference.

We provide our white-label digital marketing and PR services in essentially three different ways.

1) True White Label

This is where we work behind the scenes entirely. All interactions are performed directly from the agency, and we do not interface with them at all. All information comes from the the agency, and we report directly back to the agency.

2) “Part of the Team” White Label

In these instances, we are brought in as a member of the agency’s team. In these cases, we’re often brought in on integrated accounts, where it’s important to present a unified team to the client. Sometimes in these situations, we not only interface with the client, but we also contribute to the day-to-day account management.

3) Strategic Partner

In these situations, an agency brings us in and acknowledges with the client that we are a separate entity. This mostly happens when the client asks the agency for help, knowing that it will need to bring in a third party but trusts the agency enough to bring in someone who can get the job done.

Yeah, but what about transparency?

Yes, we’re living in the age of transparency. Which is why we’re extremely discreet about who we work with, as well as the clients we work with (on their agency’s behalf). We know that anything we put online can be found by anyone at anytime, and that once it’s out there, it’s very difficult to take down. That’s why we only list work that agency clients have approved; or work that we perform directly for clients (we do have a few of those as well).

And, just so you know, a lot more products are out there that are created through a white label service than most of us realize. Newman’s Own, anyone?

Not that we have anything against transparency, of course. We’d love to tell everyone what we’re doing all the time. But we respect our agencies relationships with their clients. After all, it’s their relationship not ours. Our relationship is with you: the agency. And we do everything in our power to make you look great–especially to the client. That’s where we get the tag line, “We do all the work. You get all the credit.”

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