What We Do

Turn Heads. Set Agendas. Make Tastes. Yeah, we do that.

Although it can be called many things, the bottom line is that we get people talking about you.

More than just traditional media relations, we provide strategic council to our clients to identify and communicate with their stakeholders. We build comprehensive communications plans coupled with focused, tactical execution, and supported with stellar customer service.

We Build It

  • Marketing & PR Strategy
  • Media Planning
  • Success Metrics

We Own It

  • Social Media Marketing & Community Management
  • Content Development & Marketing
  • Copywriting & Design
  • Video Production

We Earn It

  • Public Relations
  • Blogger/Online Media Relations
  • On-Page Search Engine Optimization

We Buy It (for You)

  • Online Advertising Design, Buying and Management
  • Social Media Advertising Planning, Buying and Management

Core values

  • High-impact results: We make a difference for our clients
  • Commitment to responsive, white-glove service: Our clients receive the utmost care and attention to their business, their concerns, and their success
  • Disruption: We think disruptively; our clients are often disruptive; our goal is changing the world
  • Fun loving: When you’re doing what you love, it might not be called work
  • Creativity: The only way to achieve high-impact results is to think–and sometimes act–creatively

Core characteristics

  • Responsive: We move quickly to respond to client needs
  • Efficient: We do not waste our client’s time or money
  • Cost-effective: We offer a high-value service at an affordable rate, ensuring that we are a good investment for clients
  • Smart Fun: It’s not dumb fun. We’re smarter than that.
  • Envelope pushing: Not pixel pushing, but rather pushing boundaries.

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