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PR for Ad Agencies


One of things that our agency clients often ask us to do, in addition to providing services to their clients, is to help them with their own PR. Sometimes they have a great story to tell. Other times we need to help them figure it out.

Agencies present their own unique challenges in terms of earning coverage. Because, let’s be honest, the day-to-day life of an agency is not as glamorous as it seems on shows like Mad Men. (Sidenote: We really dig the day-to-day of agency life, but those living outside our own gilded halls may not get the poetic nuances of the environment.)

In truth, there are only a handful of approaches to earn coverage for an agency. For the most part, they are:

  • Do amazing work
  • Win awards for said amazing work
  • Do amazing work for charity

We should clarify: by coverage, we’re talking about feature stories. We’re not talking about the new client or new hire announcements, or the random quote in the local business journal about some trend. Those are the blocking and tackling efforts that have to be done in order to get those one-line mentions that are needed to help keep your agency top-of-mind.

In short, like any client, the agency has to have something interesting to say–either about itself or the work it’s doing. If the work isn’t interesting, unusual or significant in any way, no one’s going to care. Least of all the media.

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