National Media Made Local


For nearly two years, Evolve Communications has worked with Edelman Public Relations, the leading independent global PR firm, as part of its Local News Engine team to support media relations for a major electronics retailer in Baltimore, Washington, D.C. and Boston.

From national news outlets to independent bloggers—and everything in between—Evolve Communications worked to secure coverage for the retailer and promote key brand messages. Our participation on the team yielded more than 150 media placements, as well as various Tweet-ups and events with tech, gaming and mommy bloggers.

Growing a startup


Evolve Communications helps companies at every stage, and helping them grow is part of our mission. Whether it is a product launch, the first big step, or a couple of steps down the road, we have tested strategies that help startups from inceptions to domination.

That is what Evolve Communications did for Localist. We were there when they first announced their partnership with Johns Hopkins University in 2009, their first large client in the education sector. And we were there two years later to announce their partnership with eight different campuses across the nation. We earned coverage on Mashable, with a key education industry publication, with technology reporters, and with local business publications.

Launching a New Service on a Shoestring Budget


How do you launch a new product when you don’t have a huge budget to back you up? You target top, influential media who can spur international interest in the product.

That’s how Evolve Communications helped propel the launch of 410Labs’ Shortmail service to critical acclaim. The service, dubbed the Twitter of Email, garnered tens of thousands of users right after launch, propelled by a feature story that landed on Fast Company’s homepage. The story instantly went viral, spreading to media in the United Kingdom, India, Spain, Canada, Australia and other prominent publications worldwide.

Additionally, Evolve Communications, scored several other placements for the burgeoning service in prominent tech publications, including The Next Web, Washington Post, TechCocktail, and CMSWire.