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Launching  a new service in a new market can be tricky. And it’s even harder when you don’t have a huge budget. That’s what Baltimore startup star Parking Panda faced when they were ready to expand to Washington, DC, only their second city in which they had launched. And that’s why they turned to Evolve Communications.

Evolve took a three pronged approach to maximizing coverage for Parking Panda. Because their team had already hit up the Washington Post, we turned our attention to prominent DC blogs such as DCist, Curbed and the DC Examiner. We also hit up prominent DC-based tech blog, Tech Cocktail. And finally, we turned to the place where morning commuters often get their traffic: Local news stations, scoring coverage on local Fox, CBS, and NBC affiliates.

All told, Evolve’s hyperlocal effort earned Parking Panda high visibility in the DC market, with more than 235 hits and millions of impressions!