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It’s a great day when your client is featured on CNN. It’s an even greater day when more than 225 individual television stations pick up that story and it airs across the country. But it’s an absolutely amazing day when the team at Conan O’Brien uses the story as fodder to make fun of local news media.

That’s exactly what happened when Evolve Communications secured national coverage for Shortmail, 410 Labs’ flagship product. In addition to running on CNN and local news affiliates, the story quickly snowballed into something much bigger once Conan O’Brien’s team used it, landing coverage of Shortmail in publications such as Fortune.com, Huffington Post, the Chicago Tribune, and many others. Although much of the post-Conan coverage focused on the “canned” aspect of local news, it spurred national interest in Shortmail and its promise to end email overload.