Evolve CommunicationsNick Miller on Parking Panda’s Use of PR


Nick Miller on Parking Panda’s Use of PR


We recently conducted a series of interviews with a few friends of ours, asking them about their experiences using public relations as a marketing tool. We’ll be publishing a series of these videos over the next few months.

Here’s the first video, featuring Nick Miller of Parking Panda.

In 2012, Evolve Communications helped Parking Panda launch in Washington, DC, their second market. Since then, they’ve gone on to add many more locations across the country.

Nick’s key takeaways:

  • Getting coverage in local outles is as useful as national press (if not more)
  • National press is great for attracting larger investors and potential partners
  • There are certain times in a company’s life when you should hire a firm (like us!)

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