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How to Make a Press Kit


A press kit is an essential tool that every company needs in order to earn media coverage and provide important information to journalists looking to write about your company. When it comes down to it, your press kit should provide not only the basic information a reporter might need when writing about your company, but by putting it online, it will also serve to help your company be both find-able  in search engines and accessible.

Here are the basic items you need for a press kit:

  1. Company Fact Sheet

The company fact sheet is a one-pager that provides basics facts about your company. It can be used as a reference guide for editors and provide the essential details. The fact sheet normally includes:

  • Brief description of company (your elevator pitch)
  • Description of key products and services
  • Quick facts about the company, for example: Revenues or funding raised to date, number of employees, number of clients
  • Special achievements or awards
  • Listing of key personnel with contact information
  • Listing of company headquarters address and contact information (website, social media platforms, etc.)

Think of the fact sheet like a resume for your business.

  1. Company Backgrounder

The backgrounder is the place where you can provide more in-depth information about your business. Generally more prosaic than the fact sheet, your company backgrounder should tell your story, including when and how you were founded, what was the inspiration behind the business, what the real or potential impact of the business on the industry, etc.  

  1. Biographies

Biographies provide the media with additional information about key personnel. All principal players should have biographies. A comprehensive bio includes:

  • Name, title, list of responsibilities
  • Previous jobs or businesses
  • Education and awards
  • Professional affiliations
  • Community involvement
  • Personal information (optional)
  1. Story Idea Sheet

This is possibly the most valuable tool in your press kit, and it’s the most overlooked! The story idea sheet provides brief 1-2 sentence stories that a journalist can use. Journalists often like these because it gives them something to start with. And the document will still be useful even if it’s not used right away. Journalists will often hold onto these and return to them later when it fits more in line with a something they’re working on.

Finally a few basic tips:

  • Put everything online and make it fully accessible as both a regular web page and a downloadable PDF.
  • In your PDF, make sure you put all your documents on letterhead.
  • In your online press kit, be sure to include a page where where journalists can download your logo and other photos (like C-suite headshots)
  • Use a custom, easy-to-remember URL or shortened link.
  • Put contact information on every single page, as well as a link to the full press kit.

It seems like a no-brainer to have a press kit, but you’d be surprised how many startups and businesses don’t spend the time to put these together. Fortunately, we just launched a new Rocket Pack to address this! This new package includes all of the items we’ve discussed above. If you’re need help with your press kit, feel free to connect with  us.

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