Evolve CommunicationsHappy Birthday — to Us!


Happy Birthday — to Us!


Can you believe it? This week marks Evolve Communication’s third anniversary. Three entire years in business.

I’m simultaneously amazed at how much our business has grown and changed in just three short years. When I started the company, we were strictly focusing on digital marketing and we were strictly white-label. Today, we’re focused more than ever on public relations, content development and social media than ever before. And more and more we’re working with clients directly every day (in fact, we just signed two new clients just this past week). 

This is in part because we made the conscious decision to go after startups this year, and we did that through our Rocket Packs for Startups program. We also just released our Startup’s Guide to Public Relations, which has been getting lots of downloads. We’v been going full-force most of the year, and it’s really been paying off.

That said, this year was full of surprises. And not all of them happy (some of them were big punches in the gut). But hey, that’s what business is all about. If it were easy and predictable, everyone would be doing it. Of course, in this economy, it seems like everyone is doing it!

At any rate, I’m extremely grateful to all of our clients, and humbled by the fact that we are still going strong. A HUGE thank you to everyone over the past three years who have helped make Evolve Communications what it is today!


Daniel Waldman

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