Evolve CommunicationsFosterly Media Match Primer Hosted by Evolve Communications


Fosterly Media Match Primer Hosted by Evolve Communications


Hone your media pitch for Day of Fosterly’s Media Match!

Evolve Communications is proud to present this live primer on honing your message so you can make the most out of the Day of Fosterly Media Match (May 4, 2013).

We’re Live! To ask questions, post them below and we’ll answer them during the Q&A.

Here’s a link to the deck:



Susan LaMotte Reply

I don’t see the slides changing… just slide one in the PP interface. But I can hear just fine. Just me?

Sari Louis Reply

No, not just you Susan. Can someone please look into this? We’re working blind as it stands :(

DanielDubya Reply

Sorry if the deck wasn’t showing up. I can send it to anyone who wants it. Send me an email at daniel@simplyevolve.com. I’ll also try to post it later.

Sari Louis Reply

The video is frozen on the first slide for me

Guest Reply

Could you send out the deck?

Crystal Plew Reply

Since we have 3 min with each media rep – is it a one way pitch? or do we need to leave time for a question from them?

Sari Louis Reply

I watched the Media Panel from SXSW. The feedback from the panel was always that there’s something more that they wanted to know, but obviously you can’t do all that in 2 minutes. Any recommendations as to the specific things you recommend must be covered?

DanielDubya Reply

Generally, stick to the 5 W’s: Who, What, Where, When, Why (or…So What?).

Guest Reply

Sorry got disconnected, just got back on

Sari Louis Reply

So do you recommend customizing the pitch for each interviewer based on the research?

DanielDubya Reply

Correct. Reporters might have very similar…or very different needs. Try to tailor your pitch to the type of thing they write about.

MyDemocracy CEO Reply

I may have missed this so, I apologize for the redundancy. How many media people will be at the Media Match? Also, what’s the composition of journalists, reporters, etc….

DanielDubya Reply
Sari Louis Reply

I was just quickly looking over the deck now. Sorry if I missed it, but for the “List story ideas” inthe handouts, can you give an example?

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