Evolve CommunicationsFive Ideas to Make a Product Launch a Smashing Success


Five Ideas to Make a Product Launch a Smashing Success


They say you only launch once, and for startups, it’s essential to get that launch right. This isn’t just launching your company, which is important. It’s putting your product out into the world with the goal of winning real users, real feedback, and hopefully real revenues!

Here are five ideas to help you make the most of any product launch, whether it’s your first or your 100th.

1)      Hold a soft launch first. 

Don’t worry about telling the whole world when your product first comes out. You can have a big launch announcement later. Hold a soft launch first, invite your friends, family, colleagues, etc. to try it out. Their feedback may help you fine tune your product so that you can have a BIG LAUNCH later on.

2)      Focus on 1-2 essential features.

Sure you want your product to be as well-developed as possible, but don’t waste time building every single feature and making your product mean something to everyone. When your product can do at least one thing that it promises exceptionally well, then it’s time to think about launching.

3)      Create a sense of exclusivity.

Remember the days when getting an invite to be a beta tester for a hot new product was cool? Well, those days are long gone (generally speaking). Instead, today exclusivity can come in the form of a value add, such as giving a steep discount to early users (or even making your product free for users who sign up early).

4)      Focus on your core audience.

Sure, we all want everyone to use our amazing app, but startups need to be realistic: not everyone is going to automatically love, want or need your product. Instead, focus on the people who will really love your product and can ultimately turn into your best brand ambassadors.

5)      Throw an awesome launch party!

Invite everyone you know. Invite the media. Invite some well-known, highly visible speakers. Do whatever it takes to make it a spectacle, but also fun!

Of course, there are a lot of things you can do to make your launch a smashing success. Note that we didn’t mention writing and sending a press release. That seems like a no-brainer, of course, so we didn’t list it here. But if you need help with that, there’s always our Rocket Packs for Startups, or call us at 443-326-3444 to schedule a brainstorming session!

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