Evolve CommunicationsCut Fake Fans to Boost Facebook Page Engagement


Cut Fake Fans to Boost Facebook Page Engagement


There’s a lot of talk online about how to boost engagement on Facebook. Most of it boils down to the non-descript, non-useful mantra: Create Great Content.

But because of how Facebook works to  serve content to users, creating  compelling content isn’t the only thing you need to do. Maintaining a healthy audience that cares about your content in the first place is key to boosting page engagement.

Because of the way Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm works, it’s important to focus not only on creating great content (really—who on Earth has a strategy that focuses on creating mediocre or crappy content?), but also curating your fan base. And that means cutting out fake fans.

While having the numbers might seem appealing, not every like is worth having. That’s why cutting fake fans from your Facebook page can actually have a positive effect.

Take Evolve Communication’s Facebook page, for example. We have about 400 likes. A few months ago, however, we had almost 500. In recent weeks, we’ve gone through the people who have liked our page and cut a number of them. Don’t worry, these weren’t real fans.

What we found was, over time, our page had attracted what seemed like a large number of fake Facebook accounts. These were accounts that were overseas, in such far flung places as Pakistan or Vietnam. We don’t doubt the possibility that people in these countries to have real users; it’s just hard to imagine why they’d be interested in a company like Evolve, which focuses on serving U.S. startups and tech companies.

That’s not the only clue. We looked through many of these individuals’ pages and found that they hadn’t posted in many months (sometimes over a year), and that most of their posts were not even relevant to the type of content we are producing. While it might be a jump to consider that these people have a genuine interest in public relations and marketing for startups, none of these people had ever interacted on our page.

So, we cut them.

The result: The reach for our Facebook posts is now generally about 20 percent, and quite often more than 50 percent of our fanbase. That means that at least half of the people liking the Evolve page see our posts. And we have also seen a boost in our page engagement, with about half of our posts in recent months breaking the 10 percent mark on engaged users.

To put that in perspective, prior to these cuts, our page was only reaching about 10 percent of our fanbase and very few people were engaging.

The bottom line here is that, in order to boost your page engagement you have to have the right people liking your page. Not just Joe Schmo from down the street; or some random person from the other side of the world. It’s counter-intuitive, but cut those people out if you want to boost your page.


Stacey Leasca Reply

How do you cut the fake fans? What is the process of doing this?

DanielDubya Reply

It’s pretty easy, actually. When you go to your page’s Admin panel, click “See Likes.” That will open a window that lists each person who likes your page. then click the “X” on the right side of their name (don’t click “Make Admin” by accident!). That will remove them. You’ll also have the option to ban them if you’d like.

AG Reply

Daniel, I am attempting to do this with a page that has thousands of “fake” likes. However, Facebook will only show me a couple hundred of the most recent Likes on the page. Any advice on this?

DanielDubya Reply

Yeah, unfortunately, Facebook won’t let page admins see their full fan list. As is the case with much larger fan bases, you might need to do this on a semi-regular basis. I’m wondering, though, if there’s an automated service out there that can do that. I’m going to research that and get back to you.

cyseitz Reply

Do you think buying the boosts from facebook to promote your page is worth it?

DanielDubya Reply

Are you referring to the “Boost Post” button? If so, it’s ok, but not as effective as a Sponsored Story. Check out this very helpful video from Wilco de Kreij about FB advertising: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-a6lMq48NU. I found it incredibly insightful.

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