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Quick Things You Can Do to Build Buzz


It’s great to have a strategy and a plan. But sometimes, you’re strapped for time and budget, and you just need to build some quick buzz for your product, service or company. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

Building buzz often takes a commitment of time and energy, but there are a few things that you can do when you need a quick boost. Here are some ideas for you. Keep in mind that these ideas aren’t necessarily meant to be strategic. They’re meant to be tactical.

Say Thanks to Your Best Customers

When was the last time you sent your best customers a thank you note? Probably around the holiday season. It’s always good to say thanks, especially when it’s least expected. Doing this can not only strengthen your relationship, but it can also trigger some happy shares on social media. By the way, don’t do this by email. Be classy and do it with a card.

Do Something Spontaneous

Grab your team, throw on a favorite tune, and just start dancing. Oh, and video tape  your team dancing. It doesn’t have to be fancy or well-edited. Just have fun. Then put it up online (as long as your employees agree to it). At the least, it shows that your company is human. At the best, your video goes viral. It’s a win no matter what.

Write and Send a Press Release

Normally, we don’t recommend sending a press release just for the sake of sending a press release. But when was the last time you announced something? Sometimes, it’s a good idea to send a press release just to stay on people’s radar. Maybe you don’t have any significant news to announce, but let’s be real: Your business is (hopefully) not at a standstill. There has to be something newsworthy going on like recent new hires, new clients, maybe some product updates, etc. It doesn’t have to be fancy, and your expectations or aspirations for this release should be reasonable. But it’s important to cultivate and maintain what we call a baseline level of awareness.

There are many, many things you can do to quickly create buzz. We’d love to hear your tricks and tips for keeping the heartbeat of your company going–at least publicly.

Who Says You Can’t Buy Friends?


Recently, more than a few people have taken up the position that it’s a bad idea to “buy friends” on Facebook. And by “buy friends,” we mean to advertise to get people to “Like” your business page. Sure, it sounds icky, and seems to fly in the face of everything social media stands for: engagement, interaction, dialogue, etc.

Some reasons cited for not buying friends include:

  • Companies that help you buy friends are all spammy
  • Having fans that don’t interact can hurt your Edgerank
  • It’s better to earn fans than buy them
  • People you buy will never be as engaged with your page as people who find you organically

Are there companies out there who are “doing it wrong,” by buying friends? Sure. Are there some less-than-credible companies who are providing less-than-reliable Facebook advertising services? You bet!

Does that mean it’s a completely worthless medium? Absolutely not. In fact, when wielded properly, buying ads on Facebook can give a page a much-needed boost faster and more efficiently than simply growing connections with people organically.

Take, for example, American Estate Jewelry (full disclosure: AEJ is a former Evolve client). When we started working with this company, they had about 35 fans. Through a highly targeted campaign, we proudly boosted this to just over 1,000 in about two months for a relatively low investment. Today, well after the advertising campaigns ended, the fan page has more than 1,300 fans–the last 250 or so being won organically.

More importantly, engagement during the campaigns grew very rapidly, and keeps growing. We went from virtually no interaction, to several likes and comments per post every day (on average). This is clearly a case of advertising driving the initial introduction, with engagement produced through–you guessed it–relevant content.

The point here is that engagement levels change over time, which also means that Edgerank (Facebook’s method for determining what makes it to users’ individual walls), shifts over time. Like Google search engine results pages, Edgerank is not static! In terms of “buying friends,” having individual fans who are not closely connected to your brand might result in fewer Facebook feed impressions in the short run. But in the long run, as the business provides more relevant content on a more frequent basis, the more likely it is that those “bought” fans will see it.

For example, check out Nutella (not a client, but still one of our favorites!). Nutella has more than 11 million fans. In terms of engagement, though, roughly 2,000 – 10,000 individuals respond to any given post (likes and comments). Even if 20,000 people engage, that’s still only .18 percent of the total fanbase.

In case you couldn’t tell, we’re big believers in social media advertising. Why? Well, as Erik Qualman put it, “In the future we will no longer search for products and services; rather they will find us via social media.” There is no other medium currently available that allows marketers to target individuals the way Facebook does.

Our job as marketers is to help the products and services we represent find the right customers. The future of advertising, in many ways, is Facebook. As marketers, we need to be objective about our recommendations–but also recognize opportunities (for ourselves and our clients) to experiment a little.

We also need to recognize that buying fans (or any form of advertising for that matter) isn’t the be-all end-all of Facebook marketing. Instead, we should look at it as a small push down what could be a very steep hill.

Photo credit: Yes!Online

Five Ideas to Socialize Your Ad Campaign


As we mentioned previously, baking social into everything you do is essential these days. But how do you actually do that? It needs to be more than simply building a website or presences on social networks. The days of build it and they will come are long gone, and quite frankly, have lost their novelty.

We believe the best way to do this is to create full, immersive experiences that live in both the real and virtual world. Here are a few tactics that Evolve helps agencies with:

  • Create social personas–make the people in your ads come alive as fictional characters on Twitter
  • Bring your campaign to life, literally–breath life into your concepts and have them play out in a public area. If it’s really interesting, people will capture it with images and video and post it to their social networks.
  • Buy Social ads–drive engagement with Facebook ads that allow you to finely tune your targeting. Or try promoted tweets. Why not, right?
  • Don’t just be a resource, be a connector–introduce people who need each other, online or hold an event
  • Create a mobile social game–mobile phones allow us to do so much, including letting us connect with people, places and things, in real time. Create a game that gets people out and connecting socially–with each other, with the real world, with your campaign.

It’s true that social media is best conquered as a program, and not a flash in the bucket. That said, these tactics can help you ad social aspects to your already creative and fun campaign.