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Burberry Gets Social. Do You?

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“To any CEO who’s skeptical at all: You have to. You have to create a social enterprise today. You have to be totally connected to everyone who touches your brand. If you don’t do that, I don’t know what your business model is in five years.”

–Angela Ahrendts, CEO, Burberry

It’s great to hear a quote like this coming from the CEO of a top fashion brand–and not just a social media evangelist. It was a key highlight of this video put together by Burberry and Salesforce.com, highlighting what the 100-year-old brand is doing to connect with customers online.

If a brand this old take these bold steps to declare itself a social enterprise, why do so many other companies still grapple with social media? Granted, most know that they need to be social, but they fall down when it comes to actually being social. This begs the question: If Burberry says they get it, can they prove it?

The answer is: Yes. And No. Here’s some fun things they’ve done on social in just the past few days:

  • Livestream a live fashion show on Facebook (livestreaming is one of our favorite things to do, by the way)
  • Ask people about the weather where they live on Twitter (sounds banal, but not when you consider their trench coats are wildly popular)
  • Crowdsource a collection of customers pics at artofthetrench.com

The one thing that really bugged us, however, is the main Burberry website. There’s lots of social integration throughout, including “Like” and Share buttons on each individual piece of clothing showcased, but there’s no way to find where they are on various social networks. You might argue that with a brand with such a strong following doesn’t need this. But there’s no way to know if Burberry is on other networks besides Twitter and Facebook.

The question businesses need to ask themselves is this: If a brand that’s as old as Burberry can get social, why can’t I?


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