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What Does White Label Mean, Exactly?

I’ve thought long and hard about what the first non-client work related post on this site should be.  Part of me feels like it should be a big manifesto about digital marketing. Unfortunately, that’s more of a book (or at least a novella) than a blog post.

So, I thought it’d be best to answer the question I hear most often: What does white label mean, exactly?

A succinct way to answer that is this: Evolve does the work, but you get all the credit.

Sounds simple enough, right? Well, we all know how client relationships go. We know it’s more complicated than that. That’s why Evolve has essentially two different models: invisible or transparent. And it all depends on what your relationship is with the client.

Does the client want only one single contact? Does the client hate getting their hands dirty? Evolve works through you, staying behind the scenes.

Or does the client want to know every single person working on their business and dive into the details of a project?

Rest assured, Evolve is comfortable working both ways. And if we do interface with the client directly, we keep you (our client) completely in the loop on everything. We work to ensure that you maintain your relationship with the client. After all, this is about growing your business–and we all know its easier to sell to an existing customer than a new one.

Solar Energy World: Blogging Based on Research

It’s tough being a one-person marketing department. You’ve got a million things on your plate. The last thing you probably want to think about is keeping your blog updated.

That’s why Solar Energy World turned to Evolve Communications for help with developing content for their blog. Evolve thoroughly researched keyword trends related to solar energy, then created an editorial calendar and furnished a year’s worth of both relevant, evergreen content.

A Stellar Strategy to Reach Solar Customers

What can we say? When it comes to the process of developing digital strategies, we’re traditionalists. We believe every strategy has five essential components:

  • Research
  • Messaging
  • Strategy
  • Tactics
  • Measurement

What we don’t believe in is boring strategies. While our process remains the same for every strategy we develop, the ideas are always fresh. And that’s exactly what we delivered for Solar Energy World.

Our comprehensive research uncovered a few key facts about their audiences:

  1. They want to save money on their electric bill.
  2. They are generally financially savvy.
  3. They see themselves as leaders in their communities.

We also found that there was a paltry amount of reliable information online. And because Solar Energy World had experienced great successes with their free solar workshops, we knew that providing educational opportunities online was the best way to be the resource potential solar panel customers are desperately seeking.

Based on those conclusions, we built a comprehensive strategy that incorporate live and recorded videos, whitepapers and presentations, blogging and a snazzy animated video showing the impact a single residential solar installation can have on the environment.