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Why Evolve Doesn’t Have a Facebook Page

Someone recently asked us why Evolve Communications doesn’t have a Facebook page. There’s a very simple, direct answer to that:

We value confidentiality and discretion.

In an age where transparency is touted as the cornerstone of social media, confidentiality and discretion are valuable gems that are coveted for their rarity. As we state on our Clients page, we keep our clients confidential unless they agree to publicly talk about their relationship with Evolve. We’re happy to be brought on as a strategic partner, but for some of our work, we’re brought on as a member of the team. We provide white-label services, and confidentiality is an essential ingredient to the continued success of Evolve.

Relationship building–which is at the core of what Evolve does–isn’t just about engagement and exchange of information. It’s also about trust. And for us, we build trust with our clients by ensuring that their business stays their business (except, of course, when they need us to tout their accomplishments–which is an entirely different story).

Getting back to the question about a Facebook page for Evolve–we’d love to have one. In fact, we love working on them for our clients. But to ask our clients to like an Evolve Facebook page would, potentially, betray our confidentiality with our clients. That’s not to say that we won’t have a page in the future, of course.

We value our relationships with our clients more than we value self-promotion, and we simply believe that is more important to Evolve’s long-term growth.

Break out the champagne: Evolve is 1 year old!

This weeks marks a milestone for Evolve Communications. We’re celebrating our first full year in business!

We can hardly believe it. It’s been a great ride so far, thanks to our many great clients. We even received this “Brockelgram” from our good friend @baltimore21201 (i.e. Stephen Brockelman).

Not only did we survive our first year, but we’ve actually thrived even in this tough economy. It’s a huge credit to our fantastic clients, and the exciting projects they throw our way, that we’ve been successful.

A HUGE thank you goes to everyone who has supported Evolve Communications over the past year–either by hiring us, giving us sagely advice, encouragement and support.

We’re looking forward to year two and all the surprises, challenges and fun that come with it!

Social Media for Nonprofits

Weinberg FellowsTonight, Evolve Communications had the opportunity to make a short, social media presentation for a group of executive directors of Maryland nonprofits as part of the Weinberg Fellows Program.

In preparation for the presentation, we asked our Twitter network for a little help with finding examples of other nonprofits who excel at using social media. Here’s the list of organizations that were suggested (listed in no particular order):

Thanks to all our Twitter friends who contributed!