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The Growing Importance of Filtering

Let’s face it: The world is getting noisier. Individuals and companies alike now compete with each other in a 24/7 attention economy. As our individual and organizational social networks grow over time, the amount of noise can become overwhelming. It can be hard for people to know who and what really matters to them. For organizations, it can be challenging to know who should be in their network, who they need to pay attention to, and what type of information is of value.

Fortunately, there are a bevy of tools out there to help individuals and organizations alike focus on who and what is important. Here are a few that we use on a regular basis.


We can’t extol the virtue of lists enough. Lists help us categorize our friends and connections so that we can more easily scan what’s going on. Both Facebook and Twitter allow you to create lists, and on Twitter, they can be made either public or private. For example, we maintain private lists of current clients and prospective clients so that we can quickly see their tweets and respond. We also keep this public list of media we follow on Twitter, which helps us stay informed. We also follow other people’s lists, so that we can get a sense of what’s going on in those categories without having to create our own list or follow a number of other people.

One caveat: People change jobs, your relationships change over time, and your interests and needs also may shift. That means that lists often require maintenance.

Social Media Clients

Just like many of us use Outlook for email, there are software platforms available to help you monitor and use social media tools. Many of these tools were started as a way to interface with and extend the functionality of Twitter, though some have come a long way and now provide the ability to access multiple social media sites (to varying degrees of functionalities).

Our personal favorite is Hootsuite. They have a free option, but we find the $5.99/month is worth paying for additional features such as integration with Google Analytics. Hootsuite can connect to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn and a number of other social networks. It also allows you to add team members (with a paid subscription) so that you can easily manage corporate accounts as a team.

But what we like most about Hootsuite, however, is the ability to create custom tabs and columns that display all the info you want in one place. For example, we monitor the lists mentioned above simply by creating a tab that has all of our most important lists on them. You can also create columns out of Twitter searches, so you can monitor for keywords fairly easily.

Other very good social media clients include Tweet Deck and Seesmic, though you can find a treasure trove of social media tools over at oneforty.com.

Social Media Filters

All of the above tools help us filter out noise and focus on what’s most important. There are also a several services that can do this for you.

Our favorite is Gist. Gist takes your connections from your social networks, as well as your email contacts and Gmail. You can access Gist through a wide variety of methods, including through Outlook or Gmail, in Firefox or Chrome (web browsers), or even on your Blackberry, iPhone or Android.

Gist will automatically analyze all of your contacts and will assign a value to them between 0 and 100, based on how important those contacts seem to be to you. It will also seek out your contacts on a variety of social networks, and once confirmed, will import that data (if public) into the system. You can then be able to see status updates from people and companies, sorted by their score.


Whatever tools you chose, it’s important to remember one thing: Things change very quickly. While one tool works today, new tools with new functionalities become available all the time. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Evolve Communications is hiring its first employee!

Evolve Communications is hiring its first full-time employee! Why work for just one agency, when you can work for all of them? Evolve Communications provides white-label digital marketing and public relations services to small to mid-sized agencies. We do all the work; our clients get all the credit.

Be a part of an exciting, young company that is quickly growing. This is a great learning opportunity for a young, motivated self-starter who wants to rapidly grow a career.

PR Account Executive

Job Description

Evolve Communications is seeking a self-starting, highly organized public relations account executive. In this role, the account executive will help manage the day-to-day tactical execution of public relations and social media campaigns. This includes developing relationships with members of the media to place stories about clients, writing and distributing press materials, developing media lists, developing content for social media outlets and managing multiple online presences on behalf of clients.


  • 2-4 years of experience
  • Superior writing skills
  • Keen relationship management skills
  • Proactive communication skills
  • Self-starter
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to juggle multiple tasks
  • Proficiency with social media and web management tools
  • Proficiency with MS Office products

Send cover letter with salary requirements, resume and 2-3 writing samples to Daniel@simplyevolve.com

2010 Year in Review

Now that 2010 is officially over, we thought we’d take a moment to highlight some of last year’s successes and talk about the future of Evolve Communications.

Last year was not only our first full year in business, but it was also a PHENOMENAL first year! We worked with a number of phenomenal clients, some through our white-label services and some direct clients. Part of this year’s success comes from better defining what we do. The concept of white-label digital marketing and PR services has really been a lightbulb to all of our agency clients, and for that we thank them.

Some other highlights from this year include:

We think 2011 is going to be a tremendous year for growth. We’ve already started thinking more about how we can scale better (a very valid concern for some of our clients), and in doing so, we have figured out what the next phase of Evolve is. We think–no, we BELIEVE–this year will be the start of something really, really big. We expect this to include an expansion of services offered, as well as plans for expanding our geographic reach.

We sincerely thank all of our clients for a fantastic 2010, and we look forward to working with current and new clients to continue to grow their business in 2011!