Evolve CommunicationsAre You Creating Social Media Dead Ends?


Are You Creating Social Media Dead Ends?

There’s no doubt that professional networking has been massively transformed by social media. We actively use Twitter and LinkedIn (and sometimes Facebook) to meet new people in our field, prospective clients and other “people of interest.”

And many people use these tools effectively on their websites by linking to their various profiles.

Lately, though, we’ve noticed a lot of dead-ends. That is, when we click over to someone’s Twitter page or other profile, the page doesn’t provide any further details no other websites, no contact information, no links to other social media profiles.

Case in point: we really liked this blog post by @cassandrabianco about what marketers can learn from mixologists. First, the link to her Twitter account actually ended up at @piamara‘s Twitter page (an oversight, we’re sure). @piamara clearly has a food connection based on her profile description and her background, so we easily believed she had penned the post. We wanted to read more of her work (and not just her Tweets). We wanted to learn more about her, what she does professionally, where she might work, etc.

Unfortunately, @piamara doesn’t have a website or a real location on her Twitter page. There was no way we could find out more about her, unless we wanted to ask her directly. Which we didn’t want to do for a variety of reasons, most importantly of which was that we just didn’t have the time to hunt for it. It was a dead end.

Sure, if we wanted to reach @piamara, we could’ve taken an extra step. But what if we were a potential customer or useful contact for her? Would we bother doing further googling to find her contact info? Possibly. But possibly not.

Who knows how many lost opportunities happen when people or companies don’t create dead ends like this. Sadly, we’ve been seeing this more and more. Someone even pointed out to us recently that our phone number isn’t listed on our contact page (we fixed that immediately).

Bottom line: close the information loop. Cross-link your social media profiles and your website. These are simple ways to let people learn more about you and your business. And not doing them is like leading people down dead-end streets. Make it easy for people to find you and reach you.

NOTE: It was only until we started writing this post that we realized that @cassandrabianco was the true author (and she indeed does have her company website linked on her Twitter profile).

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